our story


our love for animals is imprinted in our DNA. our family homes were filled with love, laughter, and barking…  lots of barking.  

part of growing up was being allowed to raise our own dogs: learning how to care for them, teach them how to behave, walk them, and play with them.

each of the dogs in our life is associated with a certain timeframe involving places and people, smells, food, memories… we could name the chapters of our family book after them and we all would know exactly what moment we are recalling. 

we cannot think of a more fulfilling work than to dedicate our days to developing these products and knowing they will become an instrument of wellness for many dogs and their people.

in the end, is it not about finding a purpose in life?

we are confident we have found it! and we hope that all the love we have put in to it will work wonders for your pet.

with our blends we want to share wellness, connection and health, but also inspire you ~ to create your own ritual – a ritual of love and of balance – and a story we hope one day you will share with us. #theritualofpetcare


 socially-conscious company

our dedication to high quality dog pawducts is a reflection of the love we have for our dogs. We are committed to support animal causes. a portion of our sales will be donated to help rescue animal organizations and shelters to give love, care, animal assistance and training to dogs in need.

rescue and shelters we have donated to:


@newyorkbullycrew  @truefaithfulpetrescuemission @preciouspalpetrescue


affiliate program for non-profit

to help more dogs and animal in need we are happy to donate a portion of the revenue of every item sold trough our affiliate program. contact us for more info: info@theapethecary.com



The a clean dog Team.