Essential Care Mini Kit Floral or Citric

$39.00 $32.00

This beautiful and complete set offers a mini-version of our most loved products.

                             *No Chemicals * Free of Dyes * No Parabens

A great opportunity to try out and the perfect gift for Dog Lovers. 100% Natural Ingredients. Each product is designed to bring wellness and joy while creating the perfect space for connection and mindfulness. 


- Mini Healthy Ear Spray: Helps soften and break wax and debris for easier cleaning.

- Mini Floral Calm or Citric Energy Grooming  Mist: The perfect solution in between baths with a fresh Floral 100% natural fragrance

- Mini Soothing Skin: Helps Calm and Soothe Skin Affected by Allergies and Irritations.

- Mini On the Spot Healing Paw-tion: Great all-purpose first aid balm for any wound, irritation, or sensitive area.



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